Financial Services & Investment Firm Properties

Financial services, wealth management & investment firms specialize in managing the financial portfolios of high-net-worth individuals and families. They provide a range of financial services, including investment advice, insurance, tax planning and estate management. They seek office space that can provide a professional, welcoming and efficient work environment for their employees and clients. It is crucial to have office space that projects the right image to clients. The office reflects the firm’s brand, values and provides a positive experience for clients.

Active Listings for Financial Services & Investment Firm Properties

Key Considerations

  • Location

    One of the most important considerations. They often choose office spaces in upscale areas, such as the central business district or upscale suburbs. This reflects the level of wealth and sophistication of their clients and reinforces their brand.

  • Privacy

    A major concern for investment firms, as they deal with sensitive financial information and are constantly looking for an “edge”. Office spaces with private meeting rooms, sound dampening functionality and secure storage areas are preferred as they ensure that confidential information is kept safe.

  • Technology

    Investment firms require cutting-edge technology to manage their clients’ portfolios a provide high-quality financial advice. Properties with modern technology and strong internet connectivity are essential.

  • Flexibility

    Need to be able to adapt to changing market conditions and client needs. Office spaces with flexible floor plans, the ability to reconfigure workspaces and scalable technology infrastructure are preferred.

  • Amenities

    Office properties that provide high-quality amenities are crucial in winning the talent war. Properties with on-site cafes, gyms, conference centers, outdoor areas allow the firm to recruit and retain top talent. Adequate parking facilities and close proximity to public transportation for employees and clients is critical and helps recruit and retain the right staff and clientele.

Industry-Specific Data for Orange County, CA

Primary Hubs
Airport, Newport Center, Irvine Spectrum

Financial Service Businesses in Orange County

Key Tenants
Tarsadia Investments, Pimco, Stifel, UBS, Oppenheimer & Co.,
Beacon Pointe Advisors, Acrisure, Buchanan Street Partners, Pathway Capital Management