Construction Properties

Construction companies have different requirements when it comes to office space, as their work involves planning, designing, and managing construction projects.

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Key Considerations

  • Location

    Construction companies often prefer to locate their offices in areas that are close to their project sites or in areas with a high volume of construction activity. They also look for office spaces that are easily accessible by their staff and clients, and near transportation hubs.

  • Space Layout

    Construction companies require ample space for their teams to collaborate, work, and store equipment and materials. They often look for open-plan layouts that allow for flexibility in configuring workstations and storage areas.

  • Storage & Parking

    Construction companies require significant storage space for equipment, materials, and tools. They also need ample parking space for their vehicles and trucks. They look for office spaces that provide both indoor and outdoor storage options and ample parking facilities.

  • Accessibility

    Construction companies need to ensure their office space is accessible to everyone, including staff and clients with disabilities. They look for spaces with ramps, elevators, accessible washrooms, and other accommodations.

  • Flexibility

    Construction companies often have fluctuating office space needs depending on the number and size of their projects. They look for office spaces that are flexible and allow them to expand or downsize as required.

  • Aesthetics

    Lastly, construction companies understand that the appearance of their office space can have an impact on their brand image and employee morale. They look for office spaces with a professional, modern, and inviting design that reflects their company values and culture.

Industry-Specific Data for Orange County, CA

Primary Hubs
Airport, Central & West County

Construction-Related Businesses in Orange County

Key Tenants
R.D. Olson, Snyder Langston, KPRS, Pinner Construction,
Howard Building Corp, Oltmans Construction Co.