Advertising & Marketing

For advertising and marketing firms, the right office space can play a crucial role in stimulating creativity. A well-designed space with ample natural light, open areas for collaboration and comfortable breakout spaces can inspire creative thinking and foster a positive work environment. 

Active Listings for Advertising & Marketing Properties

Key Considerations

  • Location

    A crucial factor in attracting & retaining top talent and clients. Generally located in central business districts close to public transportation and within walking distance of restaurants, shopping and entertainment. 

  • Flexibility

    The modern workplace is constantly evolving and they need an office space that can adapt to their changing needs. Designing the space to serve a variety of purposes. The ability to reconfigure the space as needed is a huge plus.

  • Amenities

    A well-rounded roster of amenities is key for attracting and retaining top talent. These can be on-site or in proximity. Key amenities include cafés & restaurants, gym facilities, meeting rooms & outdoor spaces.

  • Branding

    Signage opportunities such as monument, eyebrow & building top are crucial for businesses that specialize in establishing & promoting their client’s brands. It is important for advertisers and marketers to lead by example. Signage permits differentiation among competitors, enhances reputation and credibility, and helps attract new clients. Proper signage is another strategy to increase brand awareness, brand equity and visibility.

Industry-Specific Data for Orange County, CA

Primary Hubs
Airport, Irvine Spectrum, West County

Firms in Orange County

Key Tenants
Innocean Worldwide, HEILBrice, IMW Agency, United Collective, ELA, Brandtailers, O’Leary & Partners, Casanova // McCann